Saturday, August 20, 2011


August 16, 2011

Hi! I know I"m late for the update.  Summertime.

A little has come in about my books.

One girlfriend ordered nine.  Christmas present.  I think "A Morning with God."

Sally ordered Grandmother's Hymns on Kindle.  Instead of waiting three weeks, and paying more, for the hard copy, "It came from Amazon in one minute.  I put in Helen Schmill, and there you were!" She is going to use my book with morning devotions.

My 95-year-old gentleman friend in assisted living said, when I told him that I published a book about the Bible, "I worship you."  I said, "Don't worship me!" I sent him a postcard picture of the book with my photo on the back.  Also sent the same to Sally.  She is looking for a publisher and asked about Xlibris art department.

I know Allison had a great time in Glacier National Park.  I'm looking forward to Brooke's arrival.  Bought and expensive nylon area rug to put over the worn carpet by my table.  Jackie will put a Paradise Lost poster over the electrician's hole in the kitchen wall.  Have to have my place spruced up for such special company.

No new idea for another book.

Love, Grandma Helen

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letters Editor

July 28, 2011

Dear Editor:

Christians can know and rejoice in the knowledge that we are threads God is weaving into His great tapestry that shows our future.  I hope that my thread is iridescent silk, reflecting the red of courage, the green of life, the gold of light and the blue of divinity.

We cannot see or understand the picture from the underside, although we know it is full of angels, full of love, full of Christ.

What matters is God's purpose.  We know that when we get to Heaven the mysteries will be resolved.

Let us live for that day.

Note: Interested readers can borrow my inspirational books form the Natrona County Public Library.

Helen Schmill

Monday, August 1, 2011

THERE I WAS- in Arts and Community Section


I waked up at 4:30. No paper.  Slept until 5:15. Paper!

Sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the Tribune apart.  Pulled the Casper Journal apart.  THERE I WAS- in Arts and Community Section.

My photo, the wonderful black and white snapshot of Daddy in his cowboy outfit with his little girls, Helen (5) and Mary Lou (3), the girls in those horrible long cotton stockings children wore in those days.

Over half a page--article about me, and the books, under the headline, "Cowboy Grandma Publishes Three Books." Beautifully written piece.

I enjoyed it for an hour and went back to sleep, knowing my friends would be calling me.

At 8:50 I called my pastor.  She said, "Aren't you the Celebrity!"

At 9:30 a church friend called.  She is homebound so we talk frequently.  She and I are cheerleaders for each other.

Had Humble Pie for lunch.  No more calls.

Had a bigger helping of Humble Pie for supper.  No more calls.

At 7:30 our congregation's other Helen called with congratulations.

7/21 One call.  The architect.  He promised to send me the clipping.
Phone quiet the rest of the day.  I ordered a dozen copies of the Journal.

7/22  The reporter brought the 12 copies of the paper.  The mail was wonderful--cards and clippings.

I have to tell you a funny story.  Our pastor took my story to work and passed it around the Bible Study group.  One lady asked to see it again, folded it, put it in her purse and took it home.  Yes! Stole it!

Helen sent me a wonderful card.  She is going to have the clipping framed for her bedroom wall.

I can die content.

Much love- Grandma Helen

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cowboy grandma publishes three books- Casper Journal!

Hello readers!

Talked to Grandma Helen today and she says "Hello from Wyoming!"

As a proud granddaughter, I would like to draw your attention to the recent article published about Helen in the Casper Journal.  Read it, share it, pass on the news about her books!

I was extremely happy to receive my books a few weeks ago.  An early Christmas present.  Now that the heat wave in the St. Paul is over (for the time being) I can get back into my routine of sitting on my back porch and reading a hymn in the morning with my cup of coffee before I face the day.

Warm summer wishes from Minnesota,

Allison Schmill

In any great adventure, a misadventure.

July 8, 2011

In any great adventure, a misadventure.

I thought I might escape with the books now on sale.  "Twas not to be.

I sent out 94 sale flyers with the wrong telephone number for Xlibris.  I sent out a porn site.  Quickly made 90 telephone calls and sent out four notes.  Had even sent a flyer to the Obamas.

Fortunately, most people were amused (though I left a lot of messages).  A good friend who told me about my mistake was as shocked as I was.

Again, I am a member of the Fallen Human Race.

The posters came--pretty.  The bookstore took one of each, Paradise Lost 2011 and the Grandmother's Hymns.  I gave the owner accompanying book marks and cards.

The newspaper reporter is trying to get my story and pictures in the July 20 paper.  Ralph's Books will hope to have some in stock by then.  It will be a very close call.

Jackie mailed your copies of the three books today. Enjoy.

Grandma Helen

Monday, June 20, 2011

Angel wings.

June 15, 2011

This is for the Blog--if anybody has found it, I say, "Hi."  Standard Wyoming greeting.  A big Hi!

It's still pretty cold in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Park.  If you come, bring a jacket.  And probably jeans as well as tourist shorts.

Today I'm thinking about my play.  PARADISE LOST 2011.  Have a new idea.  Costume idea.  I previously visualized the angels' robes as 44" wide solid color pieces of fabric 1 1/2 yards long, split down the middle to make front and back, sewn at the outer edge of the shoulders. Belted at the waist.

A cheaper way, and probably just as effective, would be to make the robes out of crepe paper.  That should work, with scotch tape taking the place of needle and thread.  That would make costumes affordable for churches with low budgets, a colorful stage for about $1.00 per angel.

Glad I have a website.!

Also, Google me up.

Grandma Helen

Small treasures.

May 28, 2011

It's 4:30 a.m., May 28. Time for me to go to work.  A writer's work, like a mother's, is never done.

My books came!  Here's the flyer! They are small treasures.  Sample pages are on the internet at www.Xlibris.come.  Email: or!. I can take calls at 307-234-3498.

Getting my books in hand has been a great adventure--a dream that started in September 1944 when in the freshman journalism class at the University of Wyoming I learned that I could become an inspirational writer.  Been at it 67 years.

Niece Jackie, looking through the eyes of love, expects I will sell millions.  Religious readers will like them.  I'm sure of that.  I don't ask God for millions.

Xlibris made it easy to get the books after they got paid.  Their main office is in Indiana.  I got marketing calls from the Philippines and the books came through customs from Canada.  Does that indicate global sales?

The weekly paper has promised to come for an interview.  I hope they take pictures of the books to go with their copy.  They are pretty little books.

Internet has seven poems from the Grandmother's book, and seven pages of the Paradise Lost script. As of today sample pages from A Morning with God were not shown.  I had hoped to have Evans portrait of God there.  His father is assigning the book for his class at the University in African Studies.

It's 5:00.  Time to get the Star-Tribune and try to go back to sleep.

Grandma Helen